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Workspot solves Tech-support bottleneck for mobile enterprise

If you've ever been on the receiving end of the IT help line during a critical project, you know the feeling of being at the mercy of the established processes of calling or emailing, creating a "trouble ticket" and awaiting a response. Working remotely or on a mobile device proves even more challenging to a prompt solution.  In contrast, Workspot's integrated in-app support incorporates helpdesk support directly inside the Workspot application. This enables all users, whether in the office or on the go, to get help from IT without sending an email, placing a call, or even without leaving the Workspot application.

It's a the same as the "live-chat" option you've probably seen when shopping online.  You click the "help desk" icon which opens a dialog box, enabling immediate communication and much faster resolution to problems in real time.

What is a common tool in shopping websites, it is still new to VPNs. Workspot users can now securely receive live support from the IT helpdesk on the go; no waiting around for a call back or an email reply, without the hassle of leaving the work you're doing or even the page you are on. The IT helpdesk will respond and assist as needed, delivering immediate service and setting the highest standards for user experience and customer service.

This allows users to work anywhere in the world on any device, improving productivity while getting the same IT support that an employee who works in an office down the hall from their IT department receives.

A cloud-based provider of mobile workspace solutions, Workspot adds some real innovation to the enterprise computing space. For example it currently is one of the fastest and simplest solution for enterprise mobility, that can be up and running in 60 minutes. The company solves multiple corporate challenges of securely delivering apps and data to any device.  Workspot connects all mobile users to all apps and data with zero footprint in the datacenter and without migrating data to the cloud.

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